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As I am asked from time to time why I use the nickname MudGuard, I will explain here:

For some years, I have been a member of a community (with forum) with the nice name of "Mudcat Cafe". This explains the first part of my nickname, "Mud".

The second part "Guard" is simply the translation of my German surname "Waechter" into the English language. Here you can hear how "Waechter" is pronounced.

Both parts together are "mudguard" or "MudGuard". This word is a part of a bicycle, which fits me quite well as I am a bicycle fan.

Please notice the exact notation: capital M, capital G, no dash (the dash in the domain name exists only because was taken when I decided to register it - but as the previous owner has released it, it is mine now as well).

I am known (among others) in the following forums and boards:

You can find more information about me on my main web site (sorry, German only):

Deutsche Version dieser Seite (German Version of this page)

3D Effect
Thanks, Obelix, for the link to Stereogramm Creation Page